Phonics is taught using the Read Write Inc (RWI) Programme. Our phonics teaching staff follow structured lessons as part of this programme. The sounds are taught progressively; Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds. Each sound is introduced with a short rhyme and picture to make the sound memorable. These can be found at the bottom of this page.

RWI from Nursery and Beyond

Our RWI Programme begins in our Nursery where children are exposed to high quality stories, introducing them to new vocabulary. In the Spring term, children are introduced to the picture cards that go with each Set 1 sound, alongside hearing the initial sound of each picture. In the summer term, the children begin to learn the letter sound correspondences, explicitly teaching Set 1 sounds orally.

Children then move through to the reception class where their RWI journey continues. In Reception, children take part in daily RWI ‘Speed Sound’ sessions. In these sessions, at the start of the year, children will learn a new sound, learn to blend and a take part in handwriting activities. As the year goes on, children start to read simples words and learn to spell using their ‘Fred Fingers’, as well as reading a ditty page or book that corresponds to their Phonics group level.

Once children build up their sound knowledge and become more confident with their reading, they are introduced to Set 2 sounds, eventually moving onto Set 3 sounds.

We teach decodable words using the term ‘Special friends, Fred Talk, Read the Word’. This supports children to spot a diagraph or a trigraph in a word, orally ‘Fred Talk’ (sound out) out a word, and then blend the sounds together to read the word. To push for fluency, we encourage children to ‘Fred in their head’ which is to ‘Fred Talk’ a word in their head. Then moving onto ‘Speedy Reading’ to encourage children to read at a speed, supporting fluency and comprehension.

Red words are also taught. We cannot ‘Fred Talk’ these words as they have ‘tricky’ letters. Children learn to read them at a glance.

All phonics sessions occur daily and for a minimum of 30 minutes in Early Years and for a minimum of 40 minutes in KS1. Afternoon speed sound sessions are also conducted straight after dinner in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2.