Our school meals are provided by Chartwells. 

For many years, Chartwells have focussed on helping those in education to build strong bodies, sharp minds and lead long, healthy lives.  

Children enjoy a nutritious menu that is carefully planned to meet their dietary requirements. Throughout the year, children also enjoy different theme days and the Christmas Dinner is always a firm favourite for both staff and children! 

School dinners are free for all children in Reception, Year one and Year two.  Some families in years three to six qualify for free school meals otherwise the cost is £2.20 per day. 

If you would like your child to try a school dinner, please speak to the Academy office. 

Autumn Term 1

Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu

Autumn Term 2

Parent Pay 

Our online payment service. 

We’re pleased to announce that we are a cashless school. This means that all payments for any items are made through Parent pay. You can pay online using your credit or debit card either online or via an app for your phone. There is also the ability to link siblings not only at Willows but also at a different school (if they use ParentPay). 

How to get started with parentPay… 

You will have received an account activation letter, username and password, once you receive these: 

  • Visit 
  • Enter your Activation username and password in the Account Login section of the homepage.  

NB. These are for one-time use only, you will choose your own username and password for future access during the activation process 

  • Provide all the necessary information and choose your new username and password for your account – registering your email address will enable us to send you receipts and reminders 
  • Once activation is complete you can go straight to items for payment, select which item(s) you want to add to your basket and proceed to complete your payment. 

If you have any questions or need support using ParentPay, please contact the school office on 01472 328013. 

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