What do the children of Willows say?

At Willows Academy, we listen to and respect the children thoughts and opinions about the school and their education. 

We have a school council and representatives from each year group meet regularly to discuss the issues that are important to them. 

We also regularly ask the children about their education and the school, here are some of their comments,

"What I enjoy most at school is reading. I enjoy working on my fluency and extending my vocabulary with our working walls. This term my favourite words we have discovered are "bioluminescent" and "nonchalantly." (Jarrod, Year 5)

"I enjoy maths as I can see my progression. I have moved from mostly bronze activities to silver and sometimes gold! I enjoy feeling successful and getting my work on the wall. (Lexie, Year 5)"

"My favourite subject in school is English writing. I particularly, enjoy the genres we cover so far this year I have loved the holiday brochure unit and publishing it on the laptop." (Asa, Year  5)