At Willows Academy we pride ourselves on the support we offer to our pupils and our families when a child is identifed as having Special Educational Needs. 

We have high expectations and are ambitious for the success of all pupils whose needs are identified and supported effectively through a robust Graduated Approach process within our Academy. This, in turn, allows the teachers to personalise teaching and learning to our pupils in order for them to make strong progress within their learning. We recognise and celebrate the significance of every achievement that our pupils make towards identified outcomes using PIVATS to measure the small steps of academic Progress. 

All of our pupils including those with SEND have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. We ensure that the children get full exposure to all curriculum areas, and allow flexibility in how children can showcase their learning, for example, writing as a barrier, they are encouraged to present their growing knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of different ways. 

Once we have identified a child's needs, we utilise a range of strategies to enable our SEND pupils to experience success, these strategies include interventions to provide support with specific skills. We provide children with knowledge organisers (adapted if necessary), for pre-teaching and consolidating links with their learning. We ensure that when an intervention does take place it is not at the expense of the wider curriculum and where possible, it is incorporated into the wider curriculum. We collect pupil's views on how they feel that they are best supported and share this feedback with all stakeholders in order to adapt provision where necessary. 

We ensure that our families are at the centre of our approach, we offer an open door approach and we can signpost families for further support. Parents of children with SEND are consulted both, formally and informally to help our Academy to best support the needs of every pupil. Parents play a huge role in making our SEND provision a success and through parent voice we are able to reflect upon our SEN support and adapt as necessary. 

Our team have developed effective working relationships with a wide range of outside agencies and professionals, who we refer to, or ask advice from as appropriate. As a result of this effective collaboration, alongside the robust planning and provision within our academy, requests for support and statutory assessments are acknowledged in a timely manner. 

Our SENDCo is : Sarah Cox

She can be contacted at: Willows Academy, Queensway, Grimsby, DN37 9AT. 

Contact Number: 01472 328013