Remote Learning

Here at Willows Academy, we take all aspects of our children’s learning seriously, including remote learning. We have robust procedures in place, so that in the event of any bubble closures, children still have access to quality teaching. If a closure happens, each child in school will be allocated a resource park to go home with them – this pack should provid all the necessary items that children may need for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Teachers will provide synchronous (live sessions) via Zoom, giving children the much-needed chance to interact with them and each other, which creates a more stable environment for learning and will hopefully offer a degree of normality. Our online platform, Seesaw, will also be utilised to assign further learning opportunities and offer children and teachers the chance to give feedback on work they have produced and submitted. Asynchronous sessions will also be provided via Sway. This interactive application offers children the chance to work at their own pace, revisit instructions and submit learning when they are ready.

Teachers have been trained and continue to receive training on the most appropriate and engaging ways to develop our remote learning offer. As an Academy and Trust, we understand the difficulties that may be faced by families in these difficult times, which is why we are able to offer devices loans (if needed) to ensure that children have the opportunity to engage with their learning.

My child is self isolating, what work should they access?

Any children unable to attend school due to self isolation will still be required to access home learning. Class teachers will post work on individual Seesaw accounts, there will be no live lessons for children self isolating. Once children have completed their work, they are expected to upload it to Seesaw and teachers will then mark this work and give feedback.

What happens if my child's bubble closes?

In the event of a bubble closure, parents of children within that bubble will be notified over the telephone. A 'bubble closure alert' email will be sent out to all parents. Children will then be collected from school at a specified time. When collected we will give children all of the resources they will need to access home learning: work packs, login details and a device (if required).

Children will then need to access their Seesaw account to liaise with the class teacher and to access the remote learning timetable. 

What will a school day look like during a lockdown?

In the event of a National Lockdown, our children will be expected to access their learning from home. Depending on the age and educational needs, this may be through Zoom, Tapestry, Sway or Seesaw.


Zoom meetings will be used to deliver live lessons to children on a daily basis. As a school we have agreed some protocols for children, parents and teachers to ensure that all parties are aware of their role during live lessons and how to keep themselves safe. All children accessing zoom lessons have read and signed these with their parents. Our keyworker and vulnerable children in school will also be accessing live lessons through Zoom. 


Seesaw is used by the teacher and children to communicate with each other. using this learning platform, teachers can set activities and children can complete work on Seesaw. Seesaw enables teachers to provide feedback to the children supporting the children to improve their work. Every child has their own individual Seesaw account. All children have their seesaw login and these were sent home to parents in a resource pack. Teachers also post their Zoom links to children at the start of each day. 


These can be posted for on Seesaw for children, it enables them to work through the Sway at their own pace. It allows children to look at images, play videos and listen to audio files posted by their class teacher. We will also communicate with parents through Sways.