At Willows Academy we aim to provide all pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum, which encourages creativity and inspires in them a commitment to learning that will last a lifetime. We have worked hard to establish a creative curriculum that brings learning to life, explores real life scenarios and events; creating a thirst to know more.

Our vision is to use creativity as a main driving force within our curriculum. It is vital to enable children to achieve high standards. By being creative children learn to think for themselves, become adaptable and learn key skills for life. It plays an important part in the curriculum by motivating and engaging the children and enabling them to become more independent and confident learners.

To ensure this ethos can flourish. Our curriculum is led by 4 key aspects. They are;

Learning environments - Classrooms are transformed to ensure learning is as fully immersive as possible. Displays are interactive immersive spaces that provide a range of places to learn and discover the world around us. Where possible learning takes place outside of the classroom, in the school grounds and on trips and visits.

Skills development: Our desire is to embed learning and curriculum skills that children would likely need in later life.     

Cross-curricular links that encourage creativity: We work hard to establish links that require children to use their learning and skills imaginatively within applied contexts.

Meeting children’s needs and interests: an inclusive approach in which children are able to receive appropriate challenge. The children’s input in to what topics they would like to study is taken into account when planning and, where possible, the learning is fluid and flexible to allow the children to direct the experiences and opportunities they receive.

Within topics we work hard to map and include a progression of skills within each child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness. We carefully plan opportunities to encourage an understanding of core British values and introduce children to the community and culture that surrounds them on a day to day basis.

Within each carefully crafted topic there is a curriculum driver.

They are;

  • The Arts
  • Enterprise
  • Diversity
  • Engineering
  • Community
  • Sport
  • Drama
  • Danger
  • Possibilities

Whilst all of these curriculum drivers may not be evident in every year of your child’s Willows Academy experience, it is our aim that they will explore each of these themes at least once throughout their primary education experience.

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