British Values / SMSC

Our children will have a clear understanding of who they are and a strong sense of self belief. They will have a clear set of values that enables them to live in our diverse and multicultural society.

They will be; respectful, tolerant, resourceful individuals who are responsible with their actions and fair with their views.

They will display confidence, be able to manage conflict democratically and, thoughtfully meet new challenges with a sense of enquiry to continue their lifelong love of learning.

SMSC is embedded in our daily lives, teaching, learning and the fun we have a Willows academy.

As it is woven into our very structure we have a established a system where by visitors, children, parents and staff can identify elements of SMSC through out our school. This folder of evidence Is just the beginning of what there is to see at Willows academy.

Each area of the SMSC curriculum has been assigned a coloured sticker. Where ever you see the same coloured sticker around our school it will be highlighting evidence for a particular part of this curriculum. Look out for  the stickers as you tour our school.

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