Willows Academy works with parents to ensure that children enjoy coming to school.

Our Education Welfare Officer, will support families and monitor attendance of pupils. We also work with families to ensure that children arrive at school on time and do not miss any precious learning time. 

The Education Welfare Officer at Willows Academy is Mr Forrester. Mr Forrester works across several Delta schools but is always on hand to support our families. 

If you have a query or would like to speak with Mr Forrester, he is contactable via the school office or on:


mobile: 07970040490

We understand that school attendance and attainment are closely linked. We work with parents to ensure children reach their full potential by attending school regularly. Mr Forrester is here to help and support you in getting your child into school, on time, and ready to learn!

Below you will find detailed the current attendance figures for each class.

Green, Amber and Red Attendance System

At Willows Academy our target is:


Each week the class with the highest attendance earns a prize! 

Last week every class in our school was green! A huge well done to everyone!

The classes with the highest attendance was Year 1 and Year 2! Congratulations!

Did you know...

96% attendance is:

  • 8 days absence per year from school
  • the equivalent to 11 weeks missed over 7 primary school years

95% attendance is:

  • 10 days absence per year from school
  • 70 days or 14 weeks missed from a child's primary school education

90% attendance is:

  • 19 days absence per year from school
  • 133 days (almost 3/4 of a school year) missed over their primary school career


ARE YOU HOT (Here OTime)

Lateness not only affects your child's education - it doesn't allow them the social time to settle with their friends, they may feel upset or embarrassed, and it disrupts the rest of the class.

Being frequently late for school adds up to lost learning.

Registers close after 30 minutes, any pupils attending after that time are classed as unauthorised absence.

Leave of Absence

In September 2013, the government released new legislation preventing Head Teachers from authorising term time holidays other than in exceptional circumstances.

We can no longer automatically accept letters from employers as a reason for approval, nor can we accept special offers, holidays as gifts or prizes as reasons to authorise the holiday.

We consider each request individually and cannot approve any leave retrospectively. If you wish to apply for a leave of absence, please complete a form which is available in our office or alternatively, click here to download a leave of absence form.

If the school does not authorise a leave of absence and you take your child out of school, or keep your child off longer than was agreed, the absence will be unauthorised and the local authority may issue a penalty notice. The fine is £60 per parent per child if paid within 21 days, rising to £120 if paid between 21 and 28 days. Non-payment may result in the case being referred for prosecution through the magistrate's court. 

To assist you with planning any holidays, please click here to view the Term Dates.