Views of the Academy

Parent Survey March 2018

My children really enjoy attending the school, parents and staff are always helpful and respectful of others. Y1 Parent

It is a lovely school my girls love coming to a good environment and love learning. Y2 Parent

I believe that Willows Academy is an outstanding school and is progressing really well as an academy I have two children already attending the academy and I believe they are achieving and progressing with the right learning. Y3 Parent

Smaller class sizes make learning easier especially for children who struggle. Y4 Parent

It's a small school where every child is known well by other children and staff so feel confident and secure in Willows. Y5 Parent

Because they have always supported myself and my daughter in every aspect I can't praise the school highly enough, I appreciate all their hard work! Y6 Parent

Parent Survey 2017

I think this school has improved over the last couple of years. Y1 Parent

I think that the school is well run. There are plenty of activities for the children, which makes learning fun & interesting. Y1 Parent

The school meets expectations and is a good friendly school. Y1 Parent

I feel both my children are progressing very well and they are always happy here. Y2 & Y5 Parent

Both our children are progressing very well. They are happy & enjoy going to school not just for the social interaction but because they enjoy learning Y2 & Y5 Parent

The staff are very friendly and make the pupils feel at home and relaxed Y4 Parent

I find Willows School very inviting and my daughter really enjoys attending Y5 Parent

The school is a good friendly school Y5 Parent

Since becoming an academy the school upgraded in many ways. My daughter is enjoying being taught and loves the school, she comes home very happy. The teacher pupil relationship is very good, and staff are very approachable. I tell people how brilliant the academy is. This school year my child is coming on in leaps and bounds compared to other years. Previously she was finding school life very difficult to grasp and concentrate. Her teacher is amazing! Y6 Parent

My child enjoys school, teachers welcoming, good variety of clubs offered. Y6 Parent

I would recommend to other parents as the school is the best in the area Y6 Parent

I have had 2 children that have gone through the school, and have had the best learning as any other school. They have encouraged children, school is not just for learning, it can be fun also. Y6 Parent

My daughter loves it there and she has only been there 4 weeks Y6 Parent

The school has been very supportive over the years. Our daughter has progressed tremendously, with confidence & happiness. Y6 Parent