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Star of the Week

Star of the week - 13th July 2018

Reception - 

Year 1 - Indie

 This week we have chosen Indie as our star of the week. She could be our star every week as she is totally consistent with her attitude to learning. Her maths, reading and writing are all amazing and she is a delight to teach every day.

You are a SUPERSTAR!

 Mrs Antoniades and Mrs Kinnaird

Year 2 - Lola

 This week we have chosen Lola as our star of the week for her mature and responsible attitude. Lola was a fantastic popcorn seller in our Circus Show yesterday and was very responsible when collecting the money. Lola was also Mrs Sadler's assistant and had to be so organised at getting the props in and out of the circus ring. She couldn't have done it with out you Lola! Lola was so professional and thoroughly enjoyed her job roles. 

 You are a SUPERSTAR Lola!

Miss Pell and Mrs Sadler

Year 3/4 - 

 Year 4/5 - Casey

 This week we have chosen Casey for star of the week as she always behaves sensibly and makes the right choices in school. We have really noticed Casey’s independence grow this year, she now has more confidence to give things a try before asking for help.

 She always works hard and puts 100% effort into everything. You are a pleasure to teach Casey.

 Mrs Cowan and Miss Donnachie

Year 6 -