Star of the Week

Star of the week - 23rd February 2018

Reception - 

Year 1 - Charlie

 This week I have chosen Charlie as the Star of the Week. I have chosen Charlie as our start of the week because of the enormous effort he is putting in to improve his handwriting. He finds this really difficult and so he has had to persevere in every single lessen to make his work legible. We are now beginning to be able to read his sentences and understand his answers in maths.

Keep it up Charlie

 Mrs Antoniades and Mrs Kinnaird.

Year 2 - Lexie

 This week I have chosen Lexie as the Star of the Week. I have chosen Lexie for her hard working attitude towards her school work. Not only is Lexie a pro-active member of the school council but she is a fantastic role model for Willows Academy. Lexie always tries her best in all subjects, she is always impeccably behaved and is always polite and kind to others.

 Well done Lexie, keep up the hard work because you’re making fantastic progress.

 Miss Pell and Mrs Sadler

Year 3/4 - 

 Year 4/5 - Paige


I could choose Paige for star of the week every week! She is a model pupil and any teacher would feel so proud and lucky to have Paige in their class. She always behaves maturely, wants to achieve such high standards with her work, presents her work beautifully, but most of all, she is a genuine, kind-hearted person who will always strive to achieve her best. She is also a lovely friend to others and will often offer to help with anything she can.


Mrs Cowan

Year 6 -