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Maths Magicians

Maths Magicians - 8th June 2018

Maths Magician – Reception

Maths Magician – Year 1


 This week I have chosen Jaydan for Maths Magicion for his increasingly hard working attitude in maths. He is now trying to complete activites without any support from an adult. He is listening carefully to input and focusing on his activity in a more positive way. This week he has been multiplying by using the multiples of 2 and 10. 

          Mrs Antoniades and Mrs Kinnaird

Maths Magician - Year 2


 This week I have chosen Mason for his hard working attitude towards maths. Maths is not a subject that Mason used to love, but through out the year has persiviered and his hard work has definetly paid off. Mason works independently on the silver challenges, he uses his multiples confidently to solve problems and he is confident at showing his working out. 

Well done Mason, keep up the hard work.

 Miss Pell and Mrs Sadler

Maths Magician - Year 3/4

Maths Magician - Year 4/5

 Maths Magician - Year 6

Maths Magician 3Maths Magician 4