Maths Magicians

Maths Magicians 26th January 2018

Maths Magician – Reception

Maths Magician – Year 1


 This week I have chosen Keyon as Maths Magician. He has become confident with the numbers in the hundred square and can use tens and units to represent numbers practically or with a drawing. Next week we will be adding tens and I know that he will be able to apply what he has already learned.

 Mrs Antoniades and Mrs Kinaird 

Maths Magician - Year 2


 This week I have chosen Ehiaguina as Maths Magician. She has been pushing herself to achieve the gold level challenges in maths. She has been listening so carefully during the teaching input and has been practicing her times tables ad division facts regularly so that she can apply them when solving X or ÷ problems. Keep up the hard work because we are so proud of the progress you are making.

 Miss Pell and Mrs Sadler 

Maths Magician - Year 3/4

Maths Magician - Year 4/5


 This week I have chosen Bailey as Maths Magician. I have seen a massive improvement in Bailey’s Maths work recently; he is attempting problems without asking for any help and showing great resilience until he has solved them. Bailey’s hard work in Maths is now resulting in him achieving silver level tasks in shape! Keep up the hard work Bailey.

 Mrs Cowan

 Maths Magician - Year 6

Maths Magician 3Maths Magician 4