Maths Magicians

Maths Magicians 6th November 2017

Maths Magician – Reception

Maths Magician – Year 1


Amazing maths every day. This week she started using a number line to count on and then learned to use a hundred square. She also got the highest score in our mental maths test this week 46 out of 50!

Well done Fatema. You are a superstar!

Maths Magician - Year 2


I have chosen Jarrod for showing great determination and perservereance in maths. Jarrod is trying hard in maths lessons and pushing himself to achieve gold challenges. His confidence is growing everyday with maths which is a joy to see. Well done Jarrod. 

Maths Magician - Year 3/4

Maths Magician - Year 4/5


Never giving up and always perservering in maths. 

 Maths Magician - Year 6


  Positive attitude, effort and determination not only in lesson time but also during her tutoring sessions

Well Done, Keep up the hard work!

Maths Magician 3Maths Magician 4