Nursery places available in September


Admissions Information

The pupil admission number (PAN) for the academy is 25 children in each year group. The Early Years Foundation Unit has 39 full time equivalent places. Children are admitted into Reception at the beginning of the year in which they reach their fifth birthday.

Admission to Foundation Stage

We work as a Foundation Unit with children in Foundation 1 and 2 working together. This helps children to adapt more easily from Nursery (FS1) to Reception (FS2).


Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

Parents who wish their children to attend our Nursery need to complete a Nursery application form, which is available from the school office. Names are entered onto the database in chronological order and each term places are given to the oldest children on the list. Parents and children attend ‘Humpty Dumpty’ sessions in order to become familiar with the school setting. Parents must produce their child’s birth certificate before they can be admitted. Pupils are entitled to 15 hours per week and this is usually offered as morning or afternoon sessions.


Foundation Stage 2 (Reception)

Parents must complete a form, which needs to be submitted to the Local Authority by January, in order to secure a place in Reception. Having a place in Nursery does not automatically ensure a place in Reception. All pupils are admitted into Reception in the September of the year in which they are 5 however in order to ease transition there is some flexibility and on occasions very young children have been taken home for lunch initially or remained part-time for the first few weeks where parents have requested this.

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