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Academy Profile

Academy Ethos

willedit11.jpgAt Willows Academy we are committed to raising standards and enabling children to achieve their full potential. The staff are hardworking, child focussed and dedicated to embedding a robust learning culture. There is a strong commitment to team work and a real sense of community spirit. We believe that children learn best when they feel valued, safe, happy and able to take risks with their learning. Great emphasis is placed on the social and emotional development of our pupils, alongside encouraging them to strive to achieve their full potential. We aim to equip our pupils with the necessary skills to enable to them to become independent lifelong learners.

We aim to raise our pupils’ aspirations and encourage them to have high expectations of themselves and be ambitious. We provide our children with exciting opportunities that widen their experiences, which motivate and inspire them to do well.

At Willows Academy we strive to:

  • Create an academy where learning is enjoyable, stimulating and allows children to fulfil their individual potential and become independent learners
  • Enable pupils to take responsibility for their own actions and take a sense of pride in their themselves, their school and their community
  • Enable pupils to develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds with the ability to question, argue rationally and apply themselves to tasks
  • Help pupils to develop healthy, fit bodies and equip them with a range of physical skills
  • Help pupils understand the multicultural nature of society, to foster respect for those with different religions, beliefs and ways of life and to develop an attitude which is opposed to discrimination against any person on grounds of socio-economic background, creed, ethnic origin or gender